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Minnesota Computer Club

The Minnesota Computer Club is a Discord-based community of students and teachers from all across Minnesota.

Who can join?

The Minnesota Computer Club is open and welcoming to anyone that is interested in Computer Science! You might already teach Computer Science to others. You might be thinking about perusing higher education in Computer Science. You might be tech support for the entire family. You might be an industry professional. You might know absolutely nothing about Computer Science but are interested in learning more. We want ALL of you to join!

You can obtain an invite to the Discord server by clicking the Join the Discord! button above or below. This will open an email client for you to send an email to [email protected] to request an invite code. This will help protect our community from spam abuse.

Connect with New People

Our community has teachers, fellow students, and industry professionals. It is a great place to meet people with similar interests and learn about topics in Computer Science that are entirely new to you!

Learn New Skills

Our Discord server has dedicated channels for you to learn alongside people that are interested in similar topics in Computer Science by sharing good tutorials, articles, or some of your side projects.

Show Off Your Skills

Compete in competitions like our Winter Coding Challenge (WCC) to show off mad skills (and win prizes!) all while learning tips and tricks from other members.

Contribute to Community Projects

Projects (like this website!) are entirely community created and updated. Have an interest in helping out? We would love to have you!

We want you!Join our growing community.